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Too often we forget the wisdom of the past. We are fortunate to be left a great legacy of Bible study. The past, both recent and distant, had many great students of God’s Word, the Bible.

This publication, The Ultimate Commentary, brings you 7 different insights into Daniel.


Albert Barnes (1798-1870) was a distinguished theologian from New York State, USA. In addition to his studies he was an ordained Presbyterian Minister and pastored Churches in New Jersey and Philadelphia.


One of the father’s of the Reformation, John Calvin, has been given a prominent place in today’s theology. Indeed his very name has been lent to a system of theology – Calvanism.


After John Wesley, Adam Clarke is probably the best known Methodist theologian

Clarke’s greatest contribution to Christians all over the world is his commentary on the Bible, a work that took 40 years to complete. This commentary was the main resource for Methodists for over two hundred years!


Matthew Henry (18 October 1662 - 22 June 1714) is renowned for his commentary 300 years after his death.

Born in Wales, Henry grew up to study theology and law. In 1687 he became a Presbyterian minister in Chester where he founded a school.

His six volumes, Exposition Of The Old & New Testaments, were completed in 1710 and are a treasure trove of Scriptural insight and assistance.


The Prince of Preachers, Charles H. Spurgeon (19th June 1834 – 31 January 1892) was not only a wonderful orator but also magnificent with his pen. The sermons he preached touched the lives of thousands. His writings still continue to reach those who read them to this very day. In addition to his commentaries we have included each sermon he preached through this book.

Reading Spurgeon today may be secondary to the impossibility of hearing him but there is no doubt that his words still carry the weight of Biblical truth.


John Wesley (along with his brother Charles) is widely began the Methodist movement. There is no doubt that his contribution to the Christian world is marked and enduring. He is quoted as having rode 250,000 miles on horseback, preached 40,00 sermons and given away £30,000. Not many Christian preachers or pastors have such an opportunity to make an impact.

As well as this contribution in the form of financial giving and the spoken word, Wesley, made an impact through the written word. One of his most renowned works is his “Commentary On The Bible”. This is a commentary on the each book in the Bible.

This easy to use Kindle book helps you build up your collection of commentaries for use in home Bible studies, preaching engagements and investigations into God’s Word.

The version we present to you is easily navigable both backwards and forwards. It provides a clear, concise layout that brings to life the words these great scholars penned all those years ago.

As part of this publication there is an extensive study guide designed to help you in your quest to better study the Bible. This guide opens a trusted approach to Bible study.